Easy ways to gain SWAG

Swag is the new world currency. We all have it. Some might have less swag, some might have more. But it is like money. Some people have billions and some need to beg in the streets. But do not worry, guys. This website is just for you. Here I will be teaching you how to gain millions of swag in no time. For FREE!

Gaining swag is very easy. Many people do not know that. You can gain swag from simple activities you do daily. Like drinking coffee, going to toilet, visiting your grandma and so on.

Make sure you come to this website next week again to find out how to obtain the swag from simple activities!

Your task for next week:

  1. Find pictures of person who has swag
  2. Write a paragraph explaining why he has swag
  3. Ask yourself why you do not have that swag

Here you can see two world-wide known people. On the left you will see my friend Daniel. He has about 9000 swag. On the right it is me. The creator of this amazing website. I have 6 millions of swag.